Beer Heaven?

Have you seen these Miller Lite commercials? They’re lame, but hey it’s a beer commercial, what do you expect right? Ok so the main idea in beer heaven is to never have an empty, to have your bar tender look like your ideal mate, and to be able to put your feet up in every chair…

It appears to me that Miller has no clue what heaven is.

In the scriptures heavens literal description is scarce, but its parabolic descriptions – abundant. Jesus explains to us through glorious parabolic rhetoric that heaven is something like a tree, a field, a man sowing seed, yeast in bread, a net for catching fish, a wedding, etc…

To Miller heaven is about everything catered to you – to give you whatever physical pleasure you seek; while to Jesus heaven is about everybody else. To Miller, heaven is about getting what you want; while to Jesus, heaven is about giving to those that need help.

I don’t know where this idea of heaven came from – that heaven is all about you and all. Well, Miller – it’s not!

Beer Heaven?

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