Stop raising awareness. People need money!

Now, I’m certainly no expert as to helping social justice causes, and other issues of the like that people are always raising awareness for. Issues commonly include cancer awareness, aids awareness, poverty, global warming etc, with a myriad of other issues. I’m basically assuming that when they say they are wanting to raise awareness that they really mean send money! That’s what I would say. Send money!

I just don’t think that a bunch of people knowing that a problem exist is the answer. Now the obvious point is that if nobody knows of the problem then nobody will give money, and because most people don’t give money than the organization trying to raise money wants as many people as possible to know that there is a problem. So the more people that are ‘aware’, the better of the chance it is that people will give money. Its a simple matter of probability really.

Now, the part that I don’t get is that when people, like or something, spend millions, and I mean it, millions of dollars advertising ‘awareness’ to hope that the odds go in their favor and that by raising ‘awareness’ they might end up making some money. Why don’t they spend money on marketing to make money, not raise awareness. Just focus on the cash!

I’m not saying that I have any solutions, or even suggestions. I don’t know anything about raising money – I’m broke all of the time myself, but I do think something isn’t right…

Just ranting.


Stop raising awareness. People need money!

2 thoughts on “Stop raising awareness. People need money!

  1. ben woodruff says:

    I agree, I think that raised awareness without lowered apathy makes for worse people.

    I like (red) though. Maybe I am wrong, but I do not think they actually advertise. I think the companies that are a part of (red) advertise like normal but now do so with (red) products. Which i like: Gap is always going to advertise and make clothes and profits, but if they give part to fight aids, that is better. What i do not like is how exclusive it is. Why cant gap and a bunch of other clothing companies all have (red) products.

    In general though I hope these things make some real difference. I hate pop social justice stuff that makes people feel good but does little. The worst to me is ethos water, they sell a bottle of water for $2 and donate a nickel to charity. A nickel. Their product costs them maybe 20 cents, maybe they can donate like 50 cents or something significant. They have a goal to raise $10 million dolalrs by 2010, at which time they will have raised like 5 billion dollars for themselves. So generous, lets buy more ethos water. Maybe instead we should just grab some tap water for free, donate the 2 bucks directly to a clean water agency. Then we would give as much as 40 bottles of ethos water sold.

    More ranting (sorry, comments should not be this long, I should get my own blog)


  2. admin says:

    I like red too. again, no solutions – just think money can spent better that’s all. But what do I know about properly spending money? I’m horrible with cash.

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